Saturday, 10 October 2015

Craft Space

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I am always in awe of some the craft room tour tutorials I have seen on the internet and until a few months ago, I crafted on my dining room table which was frustrating when I was in the middle of projects and had to tidy away!

We have a lovely room at the back of our house attached to the dining room which has  double doors onto our garden.  This room has always functioned as our guest bedroom, computer room, filing and paperwork area and book storage.  Whilst we needed to keep all of that, we decided to replace the furniture so that the computer space became a craft desk for me and that I had useful storage pieces which fitted everything so it was to hand and I didn't have to spend time rummaging.

It goes without saying that this room is now called my craft room although it is still used as our family room and spare bedroom!

One of the ladies who attended our Christmas workshop was asking about furniture for craft rooms so I said that I would send her some photos of mine and my Ikea furniture which seems to fit the needs of a crafter perfectly.  So whilst this is not a craft room tour, it is a couple of photos of the great storage I have which really has made crafting a whole lot easier.

This trolley has been a great solution to my Big Shot problem of having to get it out of the cupboard each time I needed it and then having to find space for it.  This now sits nicely next to my desk and can be wheeled out of the way of the drawers.  The shelves have lots of space for embossing folders, dies, plates and wax paper and chipboard and I still have room for more!  By turning the top tray over, it meant I had a platform where the big shot can sit and doesn't need to be moved. 

Most things I need are now to hand.  More A4 paper sits in the desk filing drawer.  As you can see, the computer screen sits nicely on the shelf and the keyboard tucks away leaving me a craft space.

I hadn't intended on buying this unit and I only saw it in Ikea as they were using it as a filing unit in their kitchen planning department!  This is perfect for stamp sets and my punches which fit in the larger bottom drawers.

Here you can see how everything sits together and although it's not a massive space, means that I don't have to tidy up.....I could only wish it was this tidy all the time!  Above my desk is an Ikea bookshelf which we have turned & secured to the wall.  This fits the printers and, of course, has a generous section for my 12x12 papers.

I really love my space now and the difference it has made to being able to craft without tidying away after every session. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Best wishes and happy crafting,

Sam x

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